Air Freight

No matter what the shipment size, weight or destination, our air cargo experts will draw up tailor-made transport concepts for you. We can offer the following types of air freight services:

Total airport-to-airport transit time for this service is 1 to 2 days, making it the ideal option whenever time is a critical factor for the delivery of a product. This service covers all major airports worldwide. Your consignment is always booked on the next available direct flight or fastest possible connection, and you are given the flight data and a copy of the HAWB on the day the consignment is accepted. Our partners at the consignment destination receive this information at the same time, which enables them to contact the recipient to arrange the further handling of your goods.

Handling is analogous to the priority procedure, but as a rule, standard consignments are delivered in 2 to 3 working days. There are normally two scheduled flight departures every week.

Even if consignments cannot be accommodated on scheduled flights, we have an appropriate solution. Whether it is a partial or complete charter, our experienced staff will work out a solution to fulfil the requirements of individual cases.